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Olivia Barclay (1919-2001)
Olivia Barclay (1919-2001)

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Olivia Barclay
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Olivia Barclay's birth chart
Olivia Barclay's birth chart
12 Dec 1919, 8:37 PM GMT, 1e25 / 51n13

Olivia Barclay was a sublime astrologer pursuing the truth of astrology, and didn't work for money and fame, but just for revival of the pure astrology. Her belief is best explained by her word in the preface of ‘Horary Astrology Rediscovered’: "In studying astrology one needs to forget the ego with its tiresome introspection and look deeply and uncompromisingly for the truth, for astrology is a Divine subject." It was her great contribution to the astrological community that she allowed the publisher to reprint her own copy of ‘Christian Astrology’ to make the traditional art accessible to many astrologers.

With deep insight, she vigorously investigated the old astrology for the sake of retrieving the genuine art until her later years. She was always curious about the ancient and medieval astrologers' works, however, she dared to weed useless things out if they didn't work in practice after discreet inspection - she was not a fundamentalist but a realist. Studied carefully for many years, she had convinced herself that she was practicing in a correct manner, and that she was able to lead people to the right path.

She worked tirelessly. In fact, she was still trying to sort out the horary course on the day before her last day when she was quite weak at the final stage of cancer. Spending lots of hours, she closely marked students' lessons and asked to redo whenever she found any misunderstandings and errors. This is because she was really an earnest teacher and just wanted students to understand the art as thoroughly as she did. But she was not stubborn; she was flexible enough to change her opinion if good evidence was presented, and it was her virtue.

Stoic astrologer as she was, her tenderheartedness made her love animals, and she often set down food for a lovely fox the frequent visitor in her garden. Also she was a good swimmer served as a lifesaver in her youth and loved the sea of Deal into which her daughter and I dispersed a part of her ashes. May her spirit peacefully sleep beneath her beloved emerald-green sea.

H. Shuseh Kokubu, Q.H.P.

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