Will the astronauts have to abandon
the Mir space station?

A horary judgement by
Olivia Barclay and friends

In astrology it is no good inventing rules: God makes the rules. 'Heaven is the Instrument of the most High God whereby He acts upon and governs Inferior Things' (Aphorism of Cardan). It is no use, therefore, deciding in what way God will, or will not, act.

For instance, it is useless to say that referred charts will not show the way God will act. By referred charts I mean ones in which the querent, having asked the question, plays no part in the outcome. There is a well known example in 'Christian Astrology' (p 419) when Lilly asks 'What manner of Death will Canterbury die?'. Referred charts do work.

Some astrologers also do not like to 'turn' a chart. However, this should always be done where it is appropriate to do so. Lilly is clear on this point. He explains to us that, if the question 'be of or concerning a Churchman, Minister, or Brother of the Wife or Sweet-heart, the ninth House shall represent each of these, but the tenth House shall be Significator of his Substance, the eleventh House of his Bretheren and so in order .......' (p 127 'Christian Astrology').

Now, I would like to discuss a chart in which the querent plays no part, but has asked a question about Kazakhstan and Russian astronauts. The question was asked in the first hour of the day by a French astrologer, Constantine Zinoni. The chart of the question has Leo rising, as does Mr Zinoni. The question was 'Will the astronauts have to abandon the Mir space station?'

MIR Space Station


On the 5th July 1999 a Russian proton rocket, carrying a military satellite, exploded soon after takeoff from the launch base in Baikonour in Kazakhstan. The rocket sprayed the countryside with several tons of a highly toxic propellant causing a lot of damage and igniting several bush fires. The Katzakh government wanted the Russians to pay for the damage caused, and also for rent arrears for the launch pad. The total amounted to three-hundred million dollars.

The Kazakhs threatened to refuse to authorise any further rocket launches until the money was paid. If the Kazakhs carried out this threat a cargo rocket with supplies for the Mir space station would not be launched. The cargo rocket was due to be launched on 14th July 1999. If the astronauts aboard the Mir space station did not receive the supplies before 20th July 1999 they would be forced to abandon the station and their mission.

An early degree

The chart of the question is shown below. At first sight you might dismiss this chart because it has only 1 11' ascending. We have been warned that an Ascendant of 0, 1, or 2 renders the chart unreliable. However, the basis of a horary is that a chart must describe the situation.

Horary 'Will the astronauts have to abandon the Mir space station?':
14 July 1999, 04:54 GMT, Provins, France (46N15, 006E05)

Here the question is about the Kazakhs and Russians. The chart for the founding of Kazakhstan is shown below. You will see that the Ascendant of the horary chart coincides with the Ascendant of the Kazakhstan chart (within one and a half degrees). In fact, all the angles of the horary chart coincide with the angles of the map of Kazakhstan. The rising Moon in the horary chart also brings up Cancerian qualities reflecting the Cancer Ascendant of the Kazakhstan chart. We therefore accepted the chart.

Foundation chart of Kazakhstan:
16 December 1991, 14:00 GMT, Alma-ata, Kazakhstan (43N15, 076E57)

The Ascendant of the horary chart therefore shows the Kazakhs. Their 'opponents', the Russians, are therefore described by the seventh house of the chart. Saturn, ruler of the seventh house, is in Taurus in the tenth house of authority. Taurus is the sign associated with Russia. The situation is clearly a tense one as Saturn is on the UR/NN midpoint showing 'difficulties shared with other people' and the possibility of 'the termination of an association' (p 201, 'The Combination of Stellar Influences').

Saturn disposits Uranus and Neptune in the seventh house. Uranus, in an air sign, is the natural ruler of spacecraft. There is a partile square between Saturn and Uranus. Difficulties at ground level (Saturn in Taurus - fixed earth) are jeopardising the safety of the astronauts in space (Uranus in Aquarius - fixed air).

Pollution from the air

Neptune, natural ruler of toxins, is also in Aquarius (toxins from the air). It is also in the seventh house, opposing Kazakhstan. There is a partile (to the minute!) square between Neptune and Mars. Mars is in the fourth house representing the land and soil. Mars (strong in Scorpio) represents the fires, caused by the pollution, burning the land.


There is a mutual application between the Moon and Mercury (retrograde). There are talks. Compensation is paid. The fact that Venus rules the fourth house of land and is in the second house of wealth shows the connection between land and wealth. Here is an instance of the land bringing the money. The square between the Moon and Saturn (the Russians) indicates difficulties but it is alleviated by the fact that Saturn is received by the Moon in her exaltation.

The last aspect the Moon makes before changing signs is a conjunction of Fortuna. Here, Fortuna represents the supplies (the 'treasure'). This helpful final aspect is strengthened by the conjunction of the antiscium of Saturn (the Russians) falling on Fortuna. With so many planets in fixed signs, and the fixed signs on the angles, the fact that the astronauts would remain where they were, in space, with arrangements unchanged, is clearly shown. The cargo rocket bringing the supplies to the Russian astronauts left on 16 July 1999 and reached the astronauts on 18 July 1999, two days before the critical deadline.

Further thoughts

I asked Mr Zinoni if he had any particular sympathy for Kazakhstan and he assured me that he did not think so. However, 13 Aries is emphasised in his personal chart, the chart of Kazakhstan, the horary chart, and also the chart for the Fifth Republic of France given by the Centre d'Etudes de Documentation et de Recherches sur l'Astrologie. Interestingly, one of the astronauts was also French.

France (5th Republic):
5 October 1958, 17:21 GMT, Paris, France (48N52, 002E20)

Despite the apparently satisfactory conclusion for the astronauts the Sun, in the twelfth house, ruler of the Ascendant, shows that the Kazakhs were the real losers. After all, it is their land which has been damaged by the strong Mars.


This judgement was prepared by Olivia Barclay QHP, Russell Parkinson QHP, and Constantine Zinoni QHP.

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