The Old Astrology

by Olivia Barclay, Q.H.P.

Why could the astrologer of the 17th century predict in a way seldom seen today? Or could they? How many students of our present generation believe those predictions? I don't think many astrologers now even believe in that old astrology. I have even heard it said that our consciousness has shifted so that what was possible then isn't possible now.

When I say predict I mean clear unambiguous answers to questions such as "Who will win the battle?" or "Where is the lost linen of the slave girl?" I contend that they could, and did, predict in that way because they had the information, the residue of centuries of deep thought and study. It was a subject that had engrossed the minds of great men since days long before Pythagoras - to penetrate the meaning of our life on earth, to understand our relationship with the rest of the universe, to calculate time from the luminaries, and observe the connection between events on earth and the movement of heavenly bodies.

Then came the Age of Reason. Nothing was true unless it could be proved. Old books in Latin were ignored. The Age of Science led us materially forward, and our maxim changed to 'Nothing is true unless it is financially profitable."
However, the old wisdom is still there if you would care to study and research it.

As far as the astrological information is concerned, the best place to start digging is the Qualifying Horary Diploma Course. I say this because I have spent thirty or forty years digging, and I have found the greatest help from the 870-page volume Christian Astrology, published in 1647, by William Lilly, which is a compilation of the information from over 300 ancient authors. It is of particular help because Lilly shows us his charts and explains how to follow them. The language isn't easy because he wrote over 300 years ago, so I wrote my own book Horary Astrology Rediscovered very simply to help students understand Lilly, and devised a structured course to study the old astrology. Reading includes Manilius and Ptolemy and other centuries-old books. Gradually as we see what they are talking about, we learn to apply their information to current problems and find a new dimension to our understanding.

The Course started in 1984 and is world wide now. Hideaki Kokubu teaches it in Tokyo, and there are others who teach it including myself. Some of my former students have adapted it and teach their own versions. However, I have been told that one difference between the original QHP course and others is that we ensure every student understands each lesson by insisting that corrections be done before carrying on. Most people take about two years to complete the course but some clever ones have achieved it in six months.

So do contact me at the address below. You can begin at any time, and it doesn't matter where you live on the planet. I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Mongeham Lodge Cottage
Great Mongeham
Deal, Kent CT14 0HD

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