The Qualifying Horary Diploma Course

The Course

The course assumes a basic knowledge in chart construction. Regiomontanus house system is used throughout. Computers may be used for calculation but only hand-drawn charts are accepted.

We request that lessons are sent in duplicate so that we can retain a copy for our records. It is suggested that early lessons are sent once a month and with later lessons at least part is sent each month. If no lessons has been returned for a year without explanation it will be assumed that you have left the course. If work is repeatedly below standard it is possible to fail without completion, depending on the judgment of your tutor.

Graduates and advanced members of the course are encouraged to exchange ideas by correspondence to continue expanding their knowledge.


The fees for two year course is 400GBP (600EUR or 650USD). Each year in excess of two is 60GBP (90EUR or 100USD).

If you wish Japanese tuition, the fee is 90000JPY and each year in excess of two is 15000JPY.

Fees are non-returnable. Payment may be in two instalments if preferred.

Enrolment Form ( A printable form that can be mailed to us. )


"Christian Astrology" William Lilly, originally published in 1647, republished in facsimile by Regulus. £45.00. Telephone 0181 998 8127. In USA obtainable from Samuel Weiser Inc., ME. $95.00 ISBN 94872-00-6

"Horary Astrology Rediscovered" Olivia Barclay, Whitford Press, Schiffer Publishing Ltd. USA. ISBN 0-9149 18-99-0. Obtainable from bookshops.

"Fixed Stars and their Interpretation" Ebertin-Hoffman, pub AFA.

"Combination of Stellar Influences" Reinhold Ebertin, pub AFA.

"Tetrabiblos" Ptolemy, Loeb edition, pub. UK Heinemann ISBN 0-434-99435-9. In USA pub. Hervard University Press ISBN 0-674-99479-5. Phone Harvard Coop 617 492 1000.

"Astronomica" Manilius, Loeb edition, pub. UK Heinemann ISBN 0-434-99469-3. In USA pub. Hervard University Press ISBN 0-674-99516-3. Phone Harvard Coop.

The followings are optional:

"Anima Astrologiae" Bonatus, Edited by William Lilly, pub. Regulus. Obtainable from bookshops and in USA from Samuel Weiser Inc. ISBN 0-948 472-03-0.

"The Book of the Instruction in the Element of the Art of Astrology" Al-Biruni. Obtainable form Midheaven Bookshop or Ballantrae Reprint

"Culpeper's Harbal" (Even modern editions give planetary rulerships.)

"Judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick" Culpeper.

"Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events" Barbara Watters.

Although these are the books which will be referred to and studied throughout the course, if you wish they can be acquired as you progress. Essential for Lesson 1 is 'Christian Astrology' and 'Horary Astrology Rediscovered'. Culpeper's book will be needed for Lesson 2. 'Tetrabiblos' will be required for Lesson 4 together with 'Book of Instruction in Elements of Astrology' and 'Fixed Stars and their Interpretation'. The "Astronomica" is not required until the second half.

All books can be obtained from:

Watkins Books
19 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Rd., London WC2N 4EZ, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)20 7836 2182 - Fax: +44 (0)20 7836 6700.

Astrology Center of America
2124 Nicole Way, Abingdon, MD 21009, USA.
Tel: 410-569-2670
Fax: 410-569-1386
Tall Free: 800-475-2272

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