The Qualifying Horary Diploma Course


The Course begins with brief lessons covering the techniques used in the second, much longer part of the course. Each lesson is completed and corrected before moving on to the next. An index is compiled for a section of Lilly's book. The student moves from exercises in basic horary to a way of research into study of earlier authorities of every sort of astrology.

By the end of the course you should be able to make an accurate, verifiable prediction from a horary chart. This, together with continual assessment throughout the course, replaces a final examination. After demonstrating that your work has reached a professional standard, you will be awarded a Diploma entitling you to use the initials Q.H.P. - Qualified Horary Practitioner.

Lesson 1: A full understanding of house rulership.
Lesson 2: The Planets and the signs they rule.
Lesson 3: Techniques and technical terms: Aspects. Void of Course. Retrograde. Sinister and Dexter.
Lesson 4: Antiscia. The Part of Fortune. The moment of the Question. Judging the Chart.
Lesson 5: Planetary hours. Strictures and Cautions. Redrawing historical charts.
Lesson 5b: Revision. Reference Index to part of "Christian Astrology" to be produced.

Session 6: Application and Separation. A study of 7th house matters.
Session 7: Lost articles. Examples charts.
Session 8: Historical methods of house rulership. Extracts from Ptolemy and Manilius.
Session 9: Property and occupational questions and relevant charts.
Session 10: Eclipses and Syzygys. Fixed Stars. Introduction to Mundane astrology.
Session 11: Miscellaneous chart analysis.
Session 12: Analysis of your own prediction before the event.

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