"Can I get divorced from my husband?"

by H. Shuseh Kokubu, Q.H.P.

The querent is signified by the ascendant ruler, Venus, with the Moon as co-significator. Her husband is shown by the ruler of the seventh, Mars, and by the Sun, the natural ruler of men.

Mars is retrograde, moving away from Venus, showing the husband's differing views and their disagreements. Venus trines Mars, and the Moon sextiles the Sun, but both these aspects are separating: the querent has been in harmony with her husband, but is now trying to get away from him.

Venus, however, is in a succeedent house: the querent cannot be too optimistic about the outcome of her question. The Moon is void of course: she can expect nothing; the status quo will be preserved.

The querent's significator is in the fifth house of children, and is in mutual reception by sign with Jupiter, the ruler of most of that house: she has strong ties with her children, which have an important bearing on the question. The Moon and Mars are also in mutual reception: with the Moon in the second house, this shows the querent depending on the husband for her living expenses. She has no hope of finding a job that would allow her to live independently, for the Moon, which also rules the tenth house of career, is in its fall.

This is, indeed, what happened: despite her wishes, the querent's financial position and responsibilities constrained her to stay in the marriage.


1997 H. Shuseh Kokubu. All rights reserved.