The Warrior of Astrology (
Another web-site of mine. Japanese language.

Ruth Baker's Site of Horary Astrology (
My good friend Ruth's beatiful web-site. Have a look!

Considerations Magazine (
Considerations Mag, edited by Ken Gillman, is the most brilliant magazine in the world!

The English Merlin (
A nice web-site by David Plant, focused on William Lilly and his contemporaries.

Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts by Rob Hand.

Ballantrae Reprints (
John Ballantrae's web-site. You'll find many out-of-print titles there.

Astrological Association, GB (
It's a good idea to join A.A. even if you live outside Great Britain.

Astrocalc International (
Colin Miles' web-site of astrological software Astrocalc.

Astrology Center of America (
Want some books? Enjoy shopping with Dave Roell then!

Cielo e Terra (
Italian site focused on classical astrology.


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