"Is he my marriage partner?"

by H. Shuseh Kokubu, Q.H.P.

Chart: 05 Jul 1993, 12.52 a.m. JST, 139E46 35N44
Chart: 05 Jul 1993, 12.52 a.m. JST, 139E46 35N44.

The querent, a charming woman, is represented by Venus the ascendant ruler.

A couple of months before the question was asked she met and immediately fell in love with a man. Unfortunately, he was not as ardent as she was and after the initial attraction they saw each other infrequently. Towards the end of a three week period when she had not heard from him she asked: "I will do everything to get along with him again, but if fate won't make us man and wife, I will abandon my boyfriend. Can you tell me whether he is my marriage partner?" I understood the question and erected a chart.

The Moon is separating from a partile conjunction with Uranus, which made me think that they had already parted. The quesited is represented by Mars the ruler of the 7th and the Sun, natural ruler of men. The Sun rules the 5th and Mars is in the 5th house of play; both planets are peregrine. The Moon, the querent's co-significator and the natural ruler of women is in a separating opposition with the Sun. I thought this meant that their relationship was a temporary affair and that the quesited was not serious.

The querent's earnest for marriage is shown by Venus in her own sign. Venus and Mars were in trine which indicates a harmonious relationship, but by the time of the question they had already separated and were no longer in aspect or mutual reception.

Venus was applying to the square of Saturn the ruler of the 11th house of hope. Both planets were strong by essential and accidental dignity: this showed her wish for the relationship to continue. It will require effort because of the nature of square aspect and retrogradation. But unfortunately the Moon influenced by Uranus will trine Venus before Venus reaches the trine of Saturn, which means a parting will be brought to the querent before her hope is fulfilled.

I am always reluctant to deliver a negative judgment, but in this case it was clear that the querent and the quesited were not going to get married.

A few weeks after the question was asked the relationship ended.


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