"Can I see him again?"

by H. Shuseh Kokubu, Q.H.P.

The querent was a lovely woman represented by the Ascendant ruler Venus, who was looking for a certain person whom she had not seen for a long time. She rang the quesited person, but she could not get through - the number was no longer available and the quesited seemed to have moved out of his flat. She asked, "Can you tell me his whereabouts using astrology? Will I see him again?"

The quesited is represented by the ruler of the seventh house Mars in Virgo, a southern sign (south by west, to be exact) and 28 degrees from the Ascendant. This indicated to me that he was 28 miles from the querent's house in the South-West. I looked in an atlas and found that this direction indicated the city where the quesited's flat was located, which was close to his parent's house. If he had moved in with his parents, Mars should have been in Aries or Scorpio. Mars was in its own term, but this was not a strong enough indication that the quesited was living with his parents. I therefore concluded that he must have moved into another flat because his significator had left Libra and re-entered Virgo by retrogradation.

Venus, the querent's significator had opposed Mars and at the time both planets were mutually separating. Venus was approaching the Sun (natural significator of men), but the Sun was about to enter Aries before Venus could reach it. I told the querent that she would not see him, at least for a while. There is nothing she could have done about the situation because the Moon was void of course. Mars in mutual reception with Mercury by sign indicated that he must be in touch with a mutual friend (Mercury rules most of the eleventh house). Mercury also rules the ninth (third from the seventh), but the querent told me that the quesited did not have a brother.

Although there was no connection between Venus and Mercury, Venus was in mutual reception with Saturn by term and Mercury was applying to Saturn. This indicated that she would find his whereabouts indirectly and I told the querent so.

Three month after the question was asked, the querent came across the quesited's address in a magazine that was edited by her friend. The quesited had moved into a flat in a neighboring town. Zahel, the 9th-century Jewish astrologer says, "if the Moon applies to Mercury, the letter will arrive at the moment of its union, or at the arrival of the moon at the Ascendant."
The arrival could be by aspect, as the medieval astrologers often describe exact aspects like that. In this chart there are 3 degrees and 23 minutes between the Moon and the Ascendant.


2003 H. Shuseh Kokubu. All rights reserved.