"Can we sell our house?"

by H. Shuseh Kokubu, Q.H.P.

The querent was an old lady, and her letter passed to me via two persons. I erected the chart when I read her letter and understood the question, "Can we sell our house at the price we wish? Who will buy it?"

05 Nov. 1993, 09:01 p.m. JST, 139E46 35N44.

The querent and her husband wanted to sell their house as soon as possible. The price and the detail of the house were not included in the letter, so I looked at the fourth house and found the ruler of the fourth Venus was in the fourth with Jupiter, the ruler of the ninth, then I understood her house was beautiful and probably near a shrine or temple. Also it may be in a newly-developed residential area, as the significator is in a cardinal sign. As for the price, the ruler of the tenth Mars is in its own sign Scorpio, so the price they wish is high.

I thought some person had an interest in the house because the significator of the querent's house Venus was trine to Saturn, the ruler of the seventh house representing the buyer. Mixing the natures of Saturn and Aquarius, I thought this person was shorter in height than average, with black and thin hair, wide forehead, and sanguine complexion. But this person didn't consent to the price, as Mars squares Saturn and is separating from Saturn. Pluto, collecting the lights of the Moon and Saturn, seems to represent the real estate agent.

Anyway, the significator of the querent, the Moon, squares to Venus which also rules the eleventh house of her hope, then I thought the querent must discount the price if she wanted to sell the house quickly. Otherwise she whould wait for a long time to get money. I told her so.

The querent did not reply, but I hear that she reduced the price and sold the house, and then she purchased a brand-new house in which she lives with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. I presume the person represented by Saturn bought her house.


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