Which House Rules Cars?

Olivia Barclay, Q.H.P.

To study astrology without reference to the great authorities of the past would lead to a confused state of affairs where astrologers would be incapable of clear judgment or prediction. Now that we have rediscovered the astrology of the 17th century, however, we may find the meanings of some words or phrases have changed.

For instance, in Christian Astrology (page 52), Lilly tells us about the 2nd house. This, he assures us, shows the wealth or poverty of the querent, all movable goods, money lent, profit or gain, loss or damage. Here, the trouble may be with the word movable, which I take to mean portable. Those things one cannot carry like houses, tenements, lands, towns, cities and castles belong to the 4th house. (There are, of course, many other things, like colours or parts of the body ruled by the 2nd and 4th houses, but mostly they rule tangible objects.)

Some of the other houses also include tangible things. The 5th house, for example, includes taverns. 'Why?' you may ask. The reason is that Venus has her joy in the 5th, and gives her qualities of pleasure and entertainment to that house.

The 3rd rules another tangible article, letters. Why? Because the Moon has her joy in the 3rd and extends her qualities of movement and fluctuation to that house. According to Lilly, if the Moon is actually in the 3rd house, it causes much 'travel, trotting and trudging'. In short, the 3rd house rules short journeys and communications. I would therefore include cars in the 3rd house because you cannot carry them about. They belong in Lilly's category of 'trotting and trudging and travelling about'.

When I was writing my book, Clive Kavan (publisher of the Regulus 'Christian Astrology') asked me a horary question: 'I have fallen in love with a 1937 Bentley. Will I be able to buy it?' (Horary Astrology Rediscovered, page 217). I spent two or three days on this chart because I wanted to test which house cars belong to, and whether I could define the colour. In a valid chart, the object is clearly described in a recognisable way. Had the 2nd house described the car, I would have looked at Virgo and its ruler, Mercury in Pisces, on the 8th cusp. Had the 3rd house described the car, I would have looked at Libra and its ruler, Venus.

'I have fallen in love with a 1937 Bentley. Will I be able to buy it?'
15 February 1987, 4:42 p.m. GMT, 51N13, 1E25
(Horary Astrology Rediscovered, page 217)


Perhaps you would like to participate in this puzzle to decide on the colour, without looking at the end of the article: -

1st housewhite or grey
2nd housegreen
3rd housered or yellow or saffron
4th housered
5th houseblack and white or honey colour
6th houseblack
7th housedark black
(Does this imply that the 6th house is only dark grey?)
8th houseblack and green
(I wonder if that means bottle green, explaining the prejudice that dark green is unlucky.)
9th housegreen and white
10th housered and white
11th housesaffron yellow
12th housegreen
The planets also rules colour: -
Saturndull leaden or ashy colour
Jupiterblue, purple and ashy yellow or green
Marsred or yellow
Sungold and scarlet, some say purple
Venusmilky sky colour or white
(Milky sky colour makes me think that he means turquoise, a colour so popular at weddings that, before I new about astrology, I used to call 'get-married-in-blue'.)
Mercurymixed colours
(Lilly says, 'like the neck of a stock dove, and quick silver'.)
Moonsilver white,
a pale yellowish colour (cream?) and the colour of mother of pearl
The signs, too, have connection with colours: -
Arieswhite and red
Tauruswhite and lemon
(I have noted that Taureans also like grass green.)
Geminiwhite and red
Cancergreen or russet
Leored or green
Virgoblack and blue
Librablack and dark red
(I have noticed this in serious Librans but, in the flippant kind, they seem to like pastel colours.)
(I have noted deep red and deep green, like the sea.)
Sagittariusyellow or green sanguine (that is a goldy green).
Capricornblack or russet
Aquariussky blue
Piscesglistening white
Clive said that he was in love with this car, so I went for Venus in the 5th house. My first thought had been black, because Venus is in the adjectival sign of Capricorn, emphasised by the black and white connection to the 5th house. But then I thought on and, because of the pleasure and joy of Clive for the car, I decided Saturn was overruled and Venus in the 5th house ruling honey colour should prevail. I phoned to ask Clive the colour of the car. Yes, it was honey coloured.

Now let us consider the chart. Is the car described by Mercury, in the 8th house plus the Moon, or is it described by Venus in the 5th house? Ponder on this. Ponder for several hours if possible. What is your conclusion?

This confirms that the 3rd house rules cars. Unfortunately, Clive did not have enough money to buy it after all, and had to make do with a cheaper one.

I decided to write this article because I hear that a horary astrologer (and horary teacher) contradicts me and teaches that cars belong to the 2nd house, probably through misunderstanding the old word 'movable'.

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